Thursday, November 4, 2010

We can hardly wait

Well, it is almost time for us to meet Olivia. After talking to her nearly every day and feeling her kick and squirm as I pressed my hand against my wife's belly, I feel like I already know her. The original due date was November 26, but we now have a C-section scheduled for Nov. 19 because Olivia is in a frank breach position. I am really looking forward to meeting her.

Unfortunately, we do have the possibility of heart surgery immediately after birth hanging over our heads. She was diagnosed with a septal canal defect, but the doctor's are not really sure when they will need to operate on her. This is something they will be better able to determine when they see how well she transitions after she is born. The thought of her going almost immediately into intensive care is at times very depressing.

We will continue to pray and whatever happens we will be there to give her our love.

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